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Abbotsford Business Broker

You’re proud of the business you’ve built in Abbotsford, but you’re ready to move on to new things. It’s time to sell your company. But to do that, you need to find a buyer who’s willing to purchase it for a fair price. 

While Abbotsford is a large city, it retains a cozy and rural feeling. A few popular attractions in Abbotsford include Mill Lake Park (a beautiful green space with an outdoor pool and walking trails), TRADEX (the largest trade and exhibition centre in British Columbia), and Castle Fun Park (which features Go-Karts and miniature golf).

Looking for a business broker in Abbotsford, BC? When it’s time to sell your business, call Jason Brice. Here’s what you can expect when you work with a highly experienced business broker:

The Process of Selling a Business in Abbotsford, BC

Jason Brice is a sell-side broker who handles every aspect of your deal, including:


Jason Brice will prepare a high-low range valuation of what your business will sell for. Since this is done with limited financial information, it’s based on several assumptions. If you choose to move forward with a listing agreement, Jason will begin working on a more detailed and specific valuation. 


Get your deal pre-financed with multiple banks and lenders. This step prevents deals from falling apart due to financing issues. 


Find the right buyer through Jason’s dynamic approach to marketing. To advertise your listing, he uses reputable websites, his existing pool of buyers, and connections with other business brokers. 


Jason will handle every aspect of the negotiations. His Letter of Intent template is extremely detailed so that everyone is crystal-clear on the terms of the deal. The negotiation process typically takes 45-60 days.


This service helps prevent deals from falling apart at the last minute, which may arise due to miscommunications or other mistakes. It saves you the legal and accounting costs of these errors. Jason’s post-closing services ensure a smooth transition between owners. 

Advantages of Working with a Business Broker

You might be thinking about selling your business directly on a website. Here’s why working with a business broker is a better way to go about it:

  • Proper valuation. The asking price of your business can largely determine the success of your sale. Price it too low, and buyers might think there’s a catch. But price it too high, and they’ll look for a better deal elsewhere. Jason Brice has the experience to provide you with a proper valuation.
  • Negotiation assistance. Get assistance with each step of the negotiation process with a business broker.
  • Access a large pool of buyers. Sell your business faster when you can access Jason’s wide network of connections. 
  • Avoid typical deal pitfalls. Don’t want your deal to fall through at the last minute? Working with a business broker ensures that everything is done by the books.
  • Lender relationships help get the deal funded. With Jason’s pre-financing services, you can prevent financing issues that interfere with the sale of your business.

Abbotsford Business recently Sold by Jason Brice

  • Friesen Floor & Window Fashions Ltd. (“Friesen Floors”)

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