Business Broker In BC

Business Broker in BC

In BC, you’ll find plenty of trees and an abundance of opportunities to invest in your career. This province is a prosperous one; it’s expected to grow substantially in the coming years, in terms of its population and economic forecast. Sectors like tourism, technology, and the service industries are seeing rapid growth. If you’re looking to sell your business, there is high demand in this province.

You won’t find anywhere else in Canada with a business sector this competitive and cutting-edge. People here know how to work hard and appreciate the beauties of this province.

Thinking of making BC the hub of your next business venture? Or perhaps you’re ready to sell your company, and you’re looking for the right buyer? Jason Brice, an experienced business broker, can help you with each part of the process, from marketing your listing to negotiating your deal.

Owning a Business in British Columbia

As British Columbia continues to prosper, so does the workforce and the number of successful businesses. You can tap into a growing market with a highly skilled labour force by buying a business in BC.

Selling a Business in Vancouver

If you’ve ever sold a house, then you know how extensive and drawn-out this process can be. When it comes down to it, selling something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) takes research, patience, and diligence. Most people work with a real estate agent when selling their homes—if you’re selling your business, you should work with an experienced business broker.

In financial matters this complex, many unforeseen obstacles can cause deals to fall apart. A business broker can identify pitfalls before they jeopardize your sale. Establishing a transparent relationship between the buyer and the seller facilitates a smoother selling process.

Business Broker Services

​Jason Brice specializes in the sale of businesses in all industries. Over the years, he’s refined his process into several steps. With this strategy, he’s helped over a hundred business owners find buyers and finalize deals:

Business Valuation

When you call Jason, you’ll immediately receive a free consultation. During this call, Jason will ask questions about your industry, the current selling market, legal procedures, and more.

Based on this preliminary information, he can provide a low to high valuation range for your business. This will give you a ballpark idea of what the selling price might look like. If you decide to move forward with a listing agreement, Jason will begin working on a more specific valuation. He’ll take into account other factors, like revenue fluctuations, employees, and tax implications.

Each sale is unique. The factors that affect the price of a business from one industry to the next are highly varied. The success of your listing is dependent on the asking price. One that’s too high will steer buyers away, while one that’s too low will make them think something’s amiss. Jason Brice will use his knowledge, research, and experience to calculate an accurate business valuation.


With any business sale, it’s essential to prepare for the eventual due diligence process. Financial obstacles are one of the main reasons why deals don’t work out, even when the price is right. By securing pre-financing, you can avoid this common deal breaker.

The documentation required for this process is extensive. Lenders will need a comprehensive array of reports to provide pre-financing. This step prevents funding issues down the line, which is a common reason why deals don’t work out.


Business brokers recognize the attributes that attract buyers to sales. By highlighting the strengths of your business, they can successfully market your listing using a multi-step approach:

  • Posting your listing on reputable websites. Most businesses are sold to those who find the listing online. Maintaining confidentiality can be tricky when posting an ad. Jason works closely with sellers to write a text ad that emphasizes the merits of the business, while concealing your identity.
  • Reaching out directly. If Jason thinks your business will be a good fit for buyers he’s worked with previously, he will contact them with the details of your listing. Occasionally, he’ll reach out to other leaders in your industry to see if there are any interested parties.
  • Working with other business brokers in British Columbia. In Jason’s years of experience, he’s developed a network of reciprocal relationships with other business brokers. He will reach out to those contacts when your business is relevant to their area of expertise and client base.


This part of the process can be drawn-out and contentious; the due diligence alone can last up to two months. Without the help of a business broker, it can be difficult to agree on a deal that both parties are completely happy with. You need someone on your side to negotiate each term of the deal in comprehensive detail. This eliminates any assumptions or misunderstandings that could threaten the sale.

Jason will draft a Letter of Intent so that all parties have a clear understanding of what the deal entails. Going through the LOI, along with the other agreements, helps iron out any remaining questions or concerns before the offer is signed.


Business owners know that the day-to-day operations of their company can be overwhelming. With many deals, the buyer will request that the previous owner remain on for a few weeks or months to train them. This ensures a smoother transition of ownership and can help ease any of the employees’ apprehensions. It also prevents legal or financial issues that could result from poor handling of the post-closing events.

Jason will ensure that communication remains open and frequent during the last stages of the deal. This helps both parties avoid mistakes and other miscommunications that can make things fall apart as the deal is closing. Some of these processes can be delicate, like notifying employees and customers about the sale. Jason can advise you about how to make this transitional period easier for everyone involved.

Why Should You Work with a BC Business Broker?

​You’re a self-starter, and you’re used to doing things your own way. After all, you started a successful business! But when it comes time to sell it, working with a business broker gives you the competitive edge you need in the market.

Selling a business in Canada comes with a unique set of challenges. When you work with Jason Brice, you can utilize his array of business broker skills. Here’s why you should consider buying or selling a business with an experienced broker:


With over 100 successful business sales, Jason Brice has experience selling businesses in all industries. He specializes in education, manufacturing, transportation, service industries, and more. His knowledge of businesses in these industries allows him to calculate accurate and profitable business valuations.

A Vast Network

Even if the price is right, it’s hard to make a sale when you can’t find a willing buyer. Over the years, Jason has created a large network of contacts. He has also formed connections with lenders, which helps secure pre-financing and funding for deals. Tap into a greater pool of buyers and lenders by using his business broker services.

Open Communication

Even small miscommunications can cost you a deal. Jason understands the thorough processes that must be implemented for a successful sale. Along each step of the sale, he’s available to answer any of your questions.

Without a business broker, you’ll be selling your business in the dark. A broker can shorten the time it takes to sell your business and help you find the right buyer to carry on your company.

Testimonials and Past Sales

  • “It was a pleasure to work with him.”
    Herb Friesen | Friesen Floors Ltd. (Abbotsford, BC)
  • “Working with Jason was a lot of fun”
    Kathleen Casprowitz | Skillsource Education Ltd. (Vancouver, BC)
  • “Hands down he’s head and shoulders above anyone else I’ve met in his field.”
    Rich Fijal | Visible Images Inc. (Surrey, BC)

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If you’re interested in selling your business, Jason Brice can help. His broker services in BC have allowed him to sell a wide range of businesses to all Canadians. Whether your business is worth a few hundred thousand or millions of dollars, he can help you value, market, and close the deal.

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