Business Broker in Burnaby

Is it time to sell your business?

You might reach this decision for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re wanting to move on to a different industry and start something new. Or maybe you want to step away from the fast-paced world of business and start enjoying the finer things in life. No matter the reason, one thing stays the same: you need to find the right business broker to work with in Burnaby, BC or in New Westminster, BC. Jason Brice can assist you with each step of the way.

Business Broker Services

To give you a clearer idea of what a business broker can do for you, we’re going to walk you through the process:


Many factors affect the value of a business—what is the profit percentage? is there a franchise opportunity? Is the revenue increasing or declining? What is the customer concentration? What about key employees? Is your industry expected to grow in British Columbia? These considerations and more will be taken into account.


When your listing is pre-financed before it’s advertised, you’ll know exactly how much money a lender will provide to an approved buyer. This prevents last-minute financing issues that can arise.


By working with Jason Brice, your business will be discretely advertised to a wider range of buyers. This includes reputable websites, other business brokers, and his large existing pool of buyers. Each ad will be approved by you first and worded carefully to maintain confidentiality.


Clear communication, attention to detail, and persistence are key parts of a successful negotiation. The Letter of Intent that Jason Brice prepares will make sure that your terms are explained thoroughly and agreed upon, so that time isn’t wasted on deals falling apart.


When closing transactions are done right, there will be a smooth transition between the buyer and the business owner. It may require a training process or assistance with notifying employees and customers. Jason Brice will be there to help you manage these post-closing practices.

Why You Should Work with a Business Broker

When you work with Jason Brice, you’ll come to an agreement with the buyer on your terms. Your business will receive a proper valuation, which means that the asking price will accurately reflect its worth. Marketing and selling your business will be easier with Jason Brice’s extensive pool of buyers and connections with lenders. You’ll have assistance with each step of the negotiations, which allows you to avoid pitfalls that commonly occur.

With the help of a business broker, you won’t need to fret about the minute details. Selling your business on a website simply doesn’t offer the same advantages. Leave all the stress and worry to Jason Brice.

Experience in Burnaby, British Columbia

Jason Brice has gained experience with every type of business throughout the years, and specializes in industries like transportation, construction, service, education, wholesale, and manufacturing. He’s sold several businesses in Burnaby including:

  • Modern Closets & Organizing Solutions Ltd. | Organizing systems
  • RBT Enterprises Ltd. | Transportation company
  • Burnaby Vision Development Inc. | Corporate training

If you’re looking for a business broker with years of experience and an eye for opportunity, then you’re in the right place.

Call Jason Brice Today!

Your business is important to you, and you want to be sure that your buyer values it as highly as you do. Navigating the ins-and-outs of a sale can be challenging—with a business broker like Jason Brice on your side, you’ll get the asking price and terms that you’re looking for.

Your initial consultation call will be completely free. Whenever you have a question about the process, Jason Brice will be available anytime, even evenings and weekends.