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Are you thinking about selling your business in Vancouver?


If so, you may be wondering how you’ll find the right buyer, and what your business is worth. You’ve put years of hard work into building something, possibly from the ground up, so you want to be sure that you’re selling it to the right person at the highest possible sale price.  One thing is for certain: you need someone who values your business as highly as you do. For that, you’ll need a business broker like Jason Brice.


Selling a Business in Vancouver


His approach to selling businesses involves rigorous honesty, professionalism, creativity, and unrelenting dedication. His diligent and thorough process sets him apart from other business brokers in the Lower Mainland. Here’s why you should work with him when it’s time to sell your business:


When you work with Jason Brice, you’ll have a sell-side broker handling every single aspect of the deal from initial marketing, through negotiations, due diligence, and closing procedures. Here’s a little more information about his process, which he’s used to sell 100+ businesses:

  • Business Valuation

This stage takes place over two steps. The first is an initial valuation—it’s a high-low price range that your business should sell within. This preliminary valuation is given based on your initial consultation with Jason Brice. If you decide to move forward, a more detailed valuation will be made at no charge. It will be based on an in-depth assessment of specific factors like revenue, profitability, customer concentration, industry factors, personnel matters, and more.

  • Pre-financing

This is one part of the process that sets Jason Brice apart from most business brokers. When your business gets pre-financed through Jason’s extensive database of lenders, before it’s on the market, fewer deals will fall apart due to late-stage financing issues.


  • Marketing

It’s pretty tough to sell a business without an extensive marketing plan. Jason Brice employs a diverse marketing strategy with a few main approaches:

  • Marketing directly to buyers. 
    Jason Brice contacts his existing pool of buyers in his extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors, and private equity groups.


  • Online marketing. 
    Your business will be discreetly/anonymously listed (upon your approval of the ad text) on every reputable website that advertises businesses for sale. Approximately 65% of Jason Brice’s business resales are a result of new buyers finding these ads online.


  • To other brokers. 
    Working in cooperation with other business brokers is an effective way to sell a business. Jason has a small network of comparable business brokers who he periodically reciprocates with on business resales.


  • Contacting strategic buyers.
    Depending on your industry, there may be an opportunity for Jason to reach out to specific buyers or competitors within your industry who might be interested in such an acquisition.

  • Negotiations

The key to negotiating is persistence and thoroughness. Attention to detail and patience are also some of Jason Brice’s greatest strengths. On average, negotiations (from Letter of Intent through to definitive Purchase Agreement) take between 45-60 days. By carefully negotiating each term in detail, fewer deals fall apart after an offer is signed.

  • Closing

Finally, you’ve reached the home stretch. After the process of valuing, marketing, and negotiating a deal, you’re ready to close on the sale. However, many problems can still arise at the last minute due to miscommunications. Managing the formal closing of a transaction (in cooperation with any lawyers and accountants involved) is one of the key services offered by Jason Brice. Once your deal is complete, you can kick your feet up and enjoy the gorgeous sights in Stanley Park. 


Jason Brice has experience in almost every field. He specializes in some of the biggest industries in British Columbia, including manufacturing, wholesale, education, construction, transportation, and service companies.


Why Should You Work with a Business Broker?


When it’s time to sell your business in British Columbia, what’s the best approach? Some might list their business for sale on a website, but working with a business broker has significant advantages. Here are just a few of them:


  • Proper valuation

Buyers will be more interested in a business that’s valued accurately. If the price is too low, then you lose out on money — if it’s too high, then buyers won’t even consider the opportunity. As a business owner, you’re looking for a proper valuation of your company, and that’s what you’ll get with the right experienced broker.


  • Negotiation assistance

You want to make sure that your business sells for what it’s worth, with terms to your satisfaction. A business broker, like Jason Brice, will make sure you’re completely satisfied with the sale price and a countless number of terms in the Letter of Intent and subsequent Purchase Agreement.

You’ll have access to a much larger pool of buyers when working with Jason.


  • Access to large buyer pool

You can’t find the right buyer if they don’t know that your business is for sale. Jason Brice has a wide range of contacts due to his years of experience in the industry. His multifaceted marketing approach gives you a wide reach when you’re ready to sell.


  • You can avoid typical deal pitfalls

You need an experienced broker on your side to ensure that everything runs smoothly. When something unexpected happens (like when a key employee leaves during the resale process, or there are issues with a supplier going out of business), Jason Brice will help you navigate any problems. With his assistance, you’ll save on a significant portion of accounting or legal costs that can arise when details are overlooked and mistakes are made.

  • Lender relationships help get the deal funded

They say that in the world of business, it’s all about who you know—when it comes to business brokers, this certainly holds true. Having a wide range of connections helps secure funding for deals. Jason has extensive experience with charter banks, private lenders, and federally-sponsored lenders.

At the end of the day, the decision is in your hands. But it’s important to be aware of how beneficial it can be to work with a good business broker.


Successful Past Business Resales in Vancouver


You wouldn’t hire a plumber who’s rarely used a wrench. You wouldn’t hire a dentist who’s never filled a cavity. And you certainly wouldn’t want to fill your own cavity. Nor should you ever hire a business broker with limited experience, nor should you try to sell your business on your own. But that’s not something you have to worry about with Jason Brice, with his great experience buying or selling businesses. Here are a few high-profile businesses that he’s sold in Vancouver BC, each of which were sold on schedule and within the valuation range:


  • Signals Design Group Ltd.

This interactive digital agency in the False Creek neighborhood of Vancouver had 15 full-time employees and was in business for over 25 years when it was sold by Jason Brice.


  • Frantech Media Inc.

This online directory with a head office in the Fairview neighborhood in Vancouver had hundreds of advertising customers all across the country, and was in business for over 10 years when it was sold by Jason Brice.


  • Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage Ltd. 

This accredited training institution was based in the Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver, serving hundreds of local and international students for over 10 years when it was sold by Jason Brice.


Next steps


Selling your business is rarely easy. However, working with a good business broker ensures that the process goes as smoothly as possible, relatively according to plan, and without any last-minute issues which will derail the deal. You’ll find that selling your business with an experienced broker in Vancouver, BC makes the process a lot less intimidating.


If you’re a business owner who’s interested in selling your business, call Jason Brice. He’s a Canadian Business Broker with 100+ successful sales. Contact him today for a free consultation call! During the entire process, he will be available both evenings and weekends—whenever you have a question, he’ll be there.


Specializing in Manufacturing, Wholesale, Education, Construction, Transportation & Service companies 
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