Can a Business Broker Help You Sell Your Business Faster?

Having to sell a business can be a reactionary response or can be carefully planned over a long period of time. In the event of retirement, for example, sellers often aren’t in a rush but in the case of a relocation or health issues, you might be looking to sell within a tight timeline. No matter your reason for selling, there is no doubt that a business broker can help to sell your business faster than if you tried to tackle the sale on your own.

Getting in touch with potential buyers isn’t as simple as hanging a “Business For Sale” sign on your door or placing an ad on Craigslist. More than just placing an ad, brokers understand the importance of a well-developed marketing strategy as well as navigating the complexities of the sale process from start to finish.

Why Hire a Business Broker: Expedite the Process Without Sacrificing Results

For those business owners who are looking to sell quickly, there is nothing more important than efficiency and professionalism. The process of listing and selling a business can be incredibly time consuming but enlisting a business broker to sell your established company will streamline preparation and the transaction process through experience and connections.

Access to Professional Networks: Over the years a professional business broker will build up a wide network of industry experts, and institutions. Working through the sale process step-by-step can result in scrambling to track down a team of professionals for each stage of the sale process. Instead of browsing directories for commercial lawyers, accountants or experts in business valuations, let your broker connect you with an array of highly rated and recommended professionals.

Potential Buyer Pool: In some cases you may bring a business to a broker only to find that they already have a potential buyer in mind. In this case, sellers can rest assured that potential buyers have been properly vetted and that any offers that may result from this group are serious.

An Established Marketing Strategy: The best way to attract buyers is with an effective marketing strategy that highlights the unique advantages and selling features of a business. An experienced broker offers access to established networks and advertising channels. This ensures that your business listing will be viewed by the right audiences with the highest chance of meaningful engagement.

Experience & Understanding of the Market: An experienced broker will have an in-depth understanding of the market and its trends. This makes it possible to create a realistic sale price, identify the optimal time to sell and help sellers set their expectations. Thorough market analysis makes it possible to maximize the sale price and reduce the length of a transaction.

Proper Filings & Documentation: The important of proper documentation can’t be overstated.  Even for those business owners who are comfortable with administration and paperwork, the filings associated with the sale of a business can be complex and confusing. Failing to meet a filing deadline, missing documents or paperwork that is filled out improperly will delay the process and can even result in legal repercussions. Working with an experienced broker prevents delays and works to streamline the sale process as much as possible. Your broker collects all of the necessary documents and makes sure that they are submitted in a timely manner to avoid delays from the early stages, throughout the due diligence process and finalization.

Experience in Closings & Finalizing Sales: As the sale process comes to a close there are always last-minute questions that will arise. Having to field calls, answer questions, consult with banks, attorneys, accountants and experts takes time. Just one of these can delay the finalization process. A business broker will gather and review documents while keeping an eye out for potential liability issues and any potential roadblocks that might cause a delay. After years of experience brokers know how to prepare for last minute issues and more often than not, can preempt them in order to keep sales on track.

Selling a Business: Not Your Average Transaction

Reaching a sale agreement for a business isn’t as simple as swiping a credit card and printing a receipt. The process itself can take months and involves a cast of characters including attorneys, accountants, banks, insurance agents and more. Instead of juggling all of these additional responsibilities, work with a professional business broker to arrange your sale while you refocus on daily operations of your existing business or plan the next step of your career.

Working with a business broker doesn’t just help to sell your business faster, it helps to maximize the sale price through effective valuations and negotiations. Secure the best deal possible terms with a bit of help of an experienced broker.

Can a Business Broker Help You Sell Your Business Faster?