The very first step is to call me for a free consultation to discuss the overall process when listing your business for sale. And hopefully you will conclude that you would be best served by commissioning me to list your business for sale. If I feel you would be better served with another broker who specializes in your niche industry, then I will make that referral. On this phone call we can discuss the current selling market, your specific industry, financing, tax implications, legal procedures, employee factors, timing, pricing, and any other aspect of the process which you are curious about. If you are genuinely interested in exploring the possibility of listing with me, I will spend as much time as you need to ensure you are comfortable with me. Some clients have called me and been comfortable listing with me after a 15-minute phone call, and other clients have needed three phone calls and an in-person meeting prior to committing. I will never pressure you on this initial consultation call, it is merely an option for you to have all your initial questions answered.