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Education, training, and tutoring businesses are vital to the Canadian economy.  They give students the chance to learn valuable skills, and workers the opportunity to reskill and improve their portfolios. When you’ve built a business that provides education and training to Canadians, you deserve to be well compensated when you sell your business. Jason Brice can help.

Education Industry Overview

The education industry accounts for approximately 5.5% of Canada’s total GDP—businesses that provide education, training, and tutoring make up a surprisingly large part of Canada’s economy. These services are influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • The types of jobs that are available in the region
  • The types of training programs and subsidies offered by the government
  • The amount of disposable income available to individuals
  • And more

Currently, education businesses are in an excellent position in Canada; there are many prospective buyers, as the economy is placing a lot of importance on higher levels of education. Broadly speaking, there are five types of education business:

  • Childhood educators: These businesses offer supplemental education programs, tutoring, language learning, preschool, and other services intended for children and teenagers.
  • Vocational schools: These businesses offer training for professional programs. Some of these programs may require certification. Medical training, learning to style hair, and training for other careers and skills may be taught by these schools.
  • Continuing education: Teachers, programmers, and other professionals may use continuing education programs to brush up on best practices and new techniques. These businesses provide courses for professionals.
  • Personal enrichment: Learning music, learning to drive, learning to cook—businesses can teach all of these topics and many more. This is a broad niche, and many sole proprietors fall into this category.
  • Hybrid models: Some businesses provide many kinds of different education, training, and tutoring, and might be a mix between some or all of the business types listed above. 

Examples of Education Businesses

Jason Brice has sold several different education, training, and tutoring businesses, including franchises. These businesses include:

  • Sylvan Learning
  • Oxford Learning
  • And many other training-related businesses

Whatever niche your education business falls in, Jason Brice can help you sell it more quickly—and for more money.

Selling a Business That Provides Educational Services

There are several steps to selling a business that provides education, training, or tutoring. Jason Brice has a comprehensive plan to sell your business. Every business sale is different, but they’ll all include the following:

  • Consultation calls: Jason Brice needs to know how your business works. What services are you selling? Who is your target audience? What relationships have you built? Over one or several free consultation calls, Jason will determine whether or not his brokerage and your business are a good fit for each other. 
  • Business valuation: How much is your education business worth? Jason Brice will help you find out, using industry multipliers and calculations like SDE and EBITDA. Figuring out what price to list your business at has a substantial influence on what you’ll sell it for—and how quickly it can be sold.
  • Marketing: Jason Brice will market your business to several potential buyers. Many of the businesses he markets are sold to his existing connections in the education industry; all of those that are listed publicly are listed confidentially, to avoid leaking the news that you’re selling the business. 
  • Pre-financing: A service that Jason Brice is proud to offer; he’ll leverage his connections and knowledge of the education industry and lenders to determine how much financing a prospective buyer is likely to be able to obtain. 
  • Negotiations: Negotiations can be difficult when you’re trying to sell a business that you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into. Jason Brice handles every element of business negotiation—he uses his years of experience selling businesses to get you the best possible terms and price.
  • Closing: To close the deal, you’ll need to coordinate with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. Jason Brice will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that the deal gets closed without hiccups.

Why Work With an Experienced Business Broker?

Knowledge of the Education Industry

Jason Brice has almost two decades of experience as a business broker—in that time, he’s sold several education, training, and tutoring businesses. This knowledge gives him unparalleled insight into industry trends, negotiation strategies, and financing. By working with him, you can sell your business for more—and more quickly. 

Extensive Network of Potential Buyers

Many of Jason Brice’s sales happen because of his extensive network of prospective buyers. This network accounts for approximately 25% of all of Jason Brice’s sales. Selling to an existing network of buyers can help you sell your business faster; it also means Jason Brice will be much more certain of the buyer’s ability to secure financing. Negotiations can also go more smoothly—there are a lot of perks to knowing the people you’re selling to. 

Negotiations and Structuring the Deal

The structure of a deal has important consequences for everything from the sales price to tax liability. Jason Brice will help you determine exactly how to structure the deal. He’ll also negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that the terms of the deal work for you and your business. 

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