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Manufacturing is one of the most complex industries in Canada. To sell a business in the manufacturing sector, you need a strong understanding of the Canadian economy, demand for certain goods, supply chains, inventory valuation, and more.

Jason Brice has years of experience in business sales; he has sold a number of manufacturing companies in British Columbia. Interested in selling your manufacturing company in BC? Call Jason Brice today. 

Considering Selling Your Manufacturing Business?

Talk to Jason Brice. Manufacturing businesses are in demand in Canada; whether you’re manufacturing consumer products, industrial equipment, marketing materials, or almost anything else, we can help get you the most value for your business. 

Manufacturing Industry Overview

The manufacturing industry in Canada is strongly positioned for sustained development and growth. Manufacturing accounts for approximately 10% of Canada’s GDP; this makes manufacturing the second biggest contributor to Canada’s economy (with real estate being the first).

Several factors have led Canada to be well-positioned as a manufacturing powerhouse. These factors include:

  • Our proximity to the United States
  • Free trade agreements with 51 different countries
  • Access to abundant natural resources
  • A well-established network of manufacturers and suppliers
  • Relatively low energy costs
  • A well-educated population and a tremendous R&D sector

These factors lead to highly developed supply chains, a host of potential buyers for manufactured goods, and some incredible growth opportunities. These factors keep prospective buyers interested in manufacturing companies year-round. Jason Brice can help you sell your manufacturing business. 

Industry Drivers

There are a number of key industry drivers that can affect the sale price of manufacturing businesses in the Canadian market:

  • The value of the Canadian dollar: Generally, manufacturing businesses thrive when the Canadian dollar is weak. A weaker dollar means it’s easier for international importers to buy Canadian goods. As such, a weaker dollar generally means stronger valuations for manufacturing businesses.
  • Government policy: Governments that enact new free trade agreements, lower taxes, and incentivize manufacturers through grants and rebates can increase the valuation for manufacturing businesses; governments that do the opposite may decrease valuation.
  • Commodity prices: The price of commodities affects basically all manufacturing industries. The price of oil is a particularly important factor, as it affects both transportation and the cost of manufacturing, as well as the cost of commonly used goods like plastic. 

Steps To Selling a Manufacturing Business

There are several steps that must be taken to sell a manufacturing business. They include:

  • Initial consultation: The first step is ensuring that your business broker is the right fit for your needs. Jason Brice offers a free, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation to ensure that both parties are the right fit. Should you decide to work with him, you will move on to the next step. 
  • Business valuation: In this step, the value of the business is determined—this valuation will be reflected in the asking price for the business. For most small-to-medium-sized manufacturing businesses, a multiple of Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) is used; this multiple is usually somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5.  
  • Marketing your business: To sell your business, you must find qualified buyers. Jason Brice will typically find buyers through existing contacts or through online marketing. Occasionally, he’ll work together with other manufacturing business brokers to complete the deal.
  • Pre-financing: This is a step offered by Jason Brice but not by all business brokers. In this step, information about your financial health is gathered and presented, in confidence, to banks, the BDC/SBA, and private lenders. This allows Jason to determine how much financing these organizations are likely to give to an individual looking to purchase your manufacturing business. This data allows you to set a more accurate asking price and avoid circumstances where deals fall through due to lack of financing.
  • Negotiations: Once potential buyers have been found, Jason Brice will negotiate with them on behalf of your manufacturing company in order to get the best possible deal. These negotiations will be in line with your business goals. The aim is simple: Selling your company at the highest price possible within your parameters. 
  • Closing: Closing the deal is one of the most complex parts of any business sale, ensuring that financing goes through, that there are no potential legal problems, and getting everyone to sign on the dotted line when the time comes. Jason Brice takes care of every part of closing the deal. 

Manufacturing Businesses Sold By Jason Brice

Jason Brice has sold several manufacturing businesses in BC, including:

Sign Manufacturing | Surrey, BC
Asking Price: $1,500,000

Light Industrial | Vancouver, BC
Asking Price: $6,500,000

Sign Manufacturing | Surrey, BC 
Asking Price: $850,000

Paper Manufacturing | Vancouver, BC
Asking Price: $1,250,000

Selling manufacturing businesses is an important part of Jason’s overall portfolio; he’s worked with a variety of different players in the manufacturing sector and has a number of contacts who may be interested in purchasing your business. 

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You can sell your manufacturing business in BC. Jason Brice can help. Call for a free consultation today!