Jason Brice Announces Publication Of Paper On How Covid19 Subsidies Have Affected Business Valuation

VANCOUVER, Canada – Jason Brice, a leading business broker based in Vancouver, Canada, is pleased to announce the publication of his white paper, which focuses on how COVID-19 subsidies have affected business valuation. The paper primarily focuses on EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization).

The critical component of the paper describes how government subsidies are deducted from EBITDA – if indeed they are deducted at all. The paper provides business owners with an easy way to find out how any subsidies a business had been granted can affect how lenders and buyers are likely to change their conception of that business’s EBITDA based on that subsidy. Although the report and information contained within it are focused primarily on British Columbia, the vast majority of the information should apply to businesses countrywide. The report can be read free of charge at:


“As a business broker, I have been involved with the sale of hundreds of businesses, and understandably the majority of business owners I have dealt with are not aware of all of the various complications that may affect the valuation of their businesses,” said Jason Brice, owner and founder of Jason Brice Business Marketing Inc. “That is where my knowledge and expertise come into play, and the recent COVID-19 government subsidies have only served to muddy the waters even further, which was where the idea for the white paper came from. I hope that this document will enable business owners to better understand their EBITDA and how it may have changed depending on the subsidies they received. I am confident that anyone reading the report will find the information beneficial and useful.”

Jason Brice is a locally owned and operated Vancouver business broker in Canada. Each client is treated with the same level of attention and professionalism whether their business is worth $5 Million or under $500K. For more information about the company and the services it offers, visit https://www.jason-brice.com.

Jason Brice Announces Publication Of Paper On How Covid19 Subsidies Have Affected Business Valuation