Business Broker in Langley

Thinking of selling your business in or near Langley, BC?

Langley is trendy, lively, and the perfect place to own a business. But if you’ve already been running your business for years and you’re ready to list your business for sale, you may be wondering how a business broker can help. Business broker, Jason Brice, can help you find buyers, negotiate terms, and prevent financing or legal issues. Using his refined process, he’s sold over 100 businesses.

The Steps to Selling a Business

Let’s break down the process of how a business broker helps you sell your business:


In his assessment, Jason Brice will account for forecasted growth, industry factors, customer concentration, profit ratios, sales revenue history, current trends, and more. He knows precisely how to value your business accurately and competitively in Langley, BC.


This process allows you to finalize your asking price before your business enters the market. You’ll know how much money a lender will give a potential buyer, which helps prevent financing issues during the closing transactions.  Jason has extensive experience working with the Business Development Bank of Canada (“BDC”) as well as all the major charter banks and financial institutions in BC.


Knowing where to advertise your business is crucial. With Jason Brice’s help, the right eyes will find your ad without compromising your confidentiality. Jason has an extensive marketing formula for discretely marketing your business online and to his existing pool of buyers. 


Jason Brice is a sell-side broker that can negotiate every aspect of your deal. During this process, going over each term in detail is key. By using a thorough and comprehensive Letter of Intent, both the business owner and the buyer will be completely clear about every term.


Closing transactions vary for each industry. From customer transitions to employee notifications, Jason Brice has extensive knowledge regarding the closing of a deal.  Jason will oversee every aspect of the formal due diligence and closing documentation.

He has experience in every industry, but specializes in:

  • ​Manufacturing
  • Wholesale
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Service companies

How Can a Business Broker Help You?

If you want to sell your business, there are a few ways to do it. Many business owners choose to work with a broker because it’s efficient, reliable, and it helps them find the right buyer.  A proper valuation of your business takes more into account than just your sales revenue. It looks at a series of interconnected factors that can lower or raise your asking price. On top of that, you’ll need assistance when it comes to negotiations. A business broker is the best way to handle the challenges that can come up.

When clients want to sell a business, Jason Brice has lender relationships that can help buyers get a deal funded. He also has an extensive pool of buyers that he can contact when selling a business. You can’t compare the type of deal you’ll get with an experienced business broker to the one you’d get by selling the business yourself. So many issues can cause a deal to fall through, from a lack of pre-financing to a miscommunication in the terms.

Businesses Sold in Langley / Fraser Valley, BC

Jason Brice has a history of selling businesses in Langley – an area with a rich history of its own. These are two of the businesses that Jason Brice has recently sold in Langley:

  • Corona Gas Ltd.  (Langley)
  • Screenguild Signs Ltd.  (Langley)

Ready to start selling your business in Langley?

Business Broker, Jason Brice is one phone call away. Your consultation call will be free of charge. Contact him anytime, including evenings and weekends whenever you have a question about the process.