My extensive marketing plan has three main approaches. First I will be marketing your business directly to buyers I currently have in my pool. Approximately 25% of the time, the eventual buyer of your business will be someone I was working with on another listing, or periodically the buyer will be someone who I have previously sold another business to.

The second approach will be an online marketing campaign. I have accounts on every single reputable web portal that advertises businesses for sale. You will approve the ad text prior to me placing any ads online. And obviously confidentiality will be strictly adhered to. Approximately 65% of my sales are from new buyers who find my advertisements online.

The third approach will be selling your business through other brokers whom I have a reciprocal relationship with. Approximately 10% of businesses I sell are sold in cooperation with other brokers who I have worked with. In some instances there will be a fourth approach whereby we will contact people directly within your industry, however this traditionally yields the lowest offers, so we will only encompass this approach if there is a high likelihood that it would yield comparable offers to my three main approaches.