I will personally handle every single aspect of the deal negotiations, right through to the closing legal documentation. Once I have a business marketed, I usually prepare a template version Letter of Intent (“LOI”) which we will use for agreeing upon all terms. My LOI templates are extremely detailed and cover every single aspect of the deal which will be consummated through an Asset Purchase Agreement or Share Purchase Agreement. Periodically I will be involved in supplemental agreements (eg. Shareholders Agreements) if the deal dictates that. Once a business is under signed offer with an LOI, then I personally micro-manage every aspect of the formal Due Diligence including all issues relating to financials, legal, employee, operations, financing, and documentation. Typically this process will last about 45-60 days. My main approach to selling your business is to avoid the deal falling apart after a signed offer because of any terms which were not fully negotiated prior to the Letter of Intent.