Business Broker on the North Shore

North Shore businesses are booming in British Columbia

In North Vancouver and West Vancouver, there’s no shortage of places to hike, bike, ski, kayak or enjoy the outdoors . This place attracts a lot of tourists, locals, and industry, which means a large number of customers for your business. But if you’ve been working hard for years, you might be ready to sell your company. With Jason Brice, you’ll find the right sales opportunity at the right time.

How is working with a business broker different than selling on your own?

Like scaling the local ski hills, navigating a business deal can be tough. You want someone on your side who is experienced with the process. For that, you’ll need a business broker like Jason Brice. He can get you a better deal, with a higher selling price, and more advantageous terms.  Consider selling your business in North Vancouver with Jason Brice.

How to Sell Your Company with a Business Broker

Want to know more about how a business broker can sell your company? Here’s how:


When you sell your business, one of the top questions on your mind will be: how much will I get for it? Given the booming market in North Vancouver and the surrounding area, Jason Brice will seek to value your business for the highest (and most reasonable) asking price. This is based on factors like: Annual revenue (and anticipated growth), Profit margin percentages, Customer concentration, Competitive analysis, Employee durations, and many more factors.


Most of us seek pre-financing (or pre-approval) for a mortgage before we buy a home. Jason takes the same approach when selling a business. Finalizing an asking price and determining how much a lender will give a buyer helps prevent deals from falling through.


Other business brokers don’t compare when it comes to Jason’s diverse and dynamic approach to online marketing. With his strategy, your business will be advertised to his existing pool of buyers, other business brokers in North Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland, and on reputable websites advertising businesses for sale. You will approve each ad before it’s posted to ensure you’re satisfied with how your business is represented, and to ensure confidentiality.


Business owners know how complex and time-consuming negotiations can be. But if one term of the deal is overlooked or miscommunicated, it can result in the loss of a sale. That’s why Jason drafts a detailed Letter of Intent (LOI), which goes over each term in detail. On average, the negotiation process takes 45-60 days.


These procedures include employee notifications, customer transitions, and the training period. Oftentimes, the buyer will want the previous owner to train them for several months. Jason will work with you to create the right exit strategy for your deal.

Using this process, Jason has sold over 100 businesses

Advantages of a North Shore Business Broker

Selling your business on a website can’t compare to the benefits that a business broker offers. Here’s how Jason Brice can get you a better deal:


In his years of brokering, Jason has worked with many business investors, major banks, and private lenders. With his connections, you’ll have a much easier time finding pre-approved buyers.


You may want to sell your business without letting your competitors, employees, or customers know. Jason understands this, which is why he advertises your business carefully and confidentially in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and throughout the entire Lower Mainland. He will share the important details about your company without revealing who’s selling it.

Assistance with valuation & negotiation

Given the complexities of a business deal, many pitfalls can cause a sale to fall apart. A business broker, like Jason, can help you navigate these aspects with professionalism, tact, and attention to detail. It ensures that the business you’ve worked hard at sells for a fair and favourable price.

Businesses Sold in North Vancouver / West Vancouver

  • The Artisan Bake Shoppe Ltd. – food manufacturing and wholesale
  • Driving Miss Daisy Ltd. – seniors services
  • Skillsource Education Ltd. – education franchise locations

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When you contact Jason Brice, you won’t be working with just any business broker. You’ll be dealing with one who’s experienced selling in North Vancouver and West Vancouver in all industries, with specialization in wholesale, education, manufacturing, transportation, construction, and service companies. At any point in the process, he’ll always be available on evenings and weekends.