Business Broker in Richmond

You’ve been working hard to build your business in Richmond for years

You’re ready to sell your business. Perhaps you’re ready for a change, or you want to capitalize on its high value. Regardless of the reason, you’re ready to put your business up for sale.

Richmond is a richly diverse city. But in a city so unique, how do you find the right buyer? For that, you’ll need a business broker. Working with one is a key part of any successful sale.  When you sell your business with Jason Brice, here’s what you can expect the process to look like:

The Process of Selling a Business in Richmond, BC


Every successful deal starts with an accurate and fair asking price. Jason Brice will work closely with you to provide a thorough valuation of your business based on your business’ current trends and overall market conditions.


If this step is skipped, the deal could fall apart at the last minute due to financing issues. Jason Brice takes the time to pre-finance your business before it hits the market.  Jason has extensive experience working with the Business Development Bank of Canada (“BDC”) as well as with all the major charter banks and financial institutions in BC.


Reaching the right buyer is all about marketing. That’s why Jason Brice takes a dynamic approach to it: he reaches out to other brokers, discretely posts advertisements on established websites (while maintaining confidentiality), and contacts his existing pool of buyers.


This process is what makes or breaks a sale. Jason Brice will handle each aspect of your deal and ensure that your terms are agreed upon. He takes great care to manage the due diligence process and iron out any issues.


To avoid any miscommunications or other oversights, Jason Brice will help you formulate an exit strategy. The benefit of this service is that you won’t need to pay additional costs in legal or accounting fees that result when mistakes are made. Once everything is said and done, you can relax, and enjoy the seafood at Steveston Harbour.

By applying this process, Jason Brice has sold over 100 businesses. He’s acquired experience in every industry, with a specialty in manufacturing, education, construction, wholesale, transportation, and service businesses.

Should I Sell My Business on a Website?

You’ve found a local website that lists businesses for sale. Should you use it? Not necessarily—a business broker can help you secure the best deal. When you work with Jason Brice, you’ll get a proper valuation of your business. The right price will entice the right kind of buyer. Negotiations can be time-consuming and complicated. You’ll need an experienced business broker to help you navigate them. With Jason Brice’s extensive contacts, your business will be marketed to a larger pool of buyers than one website can offer. He also has a network of lenders who can help fund deals. Finally, you’ll be able to avoid typical pitfalls that arise during the sale of a business. With the assistance of a side-sell broker like Jason Brice, you can trust that your business will be in the right hands.

A few businesses sold in Richmond by Jason Brice:

  • King Business Services Corp.
    POS (point of sale) systems business located near the entrance to Annacis Island
  • Winpac Development Inc.
    Woodworking contractor located near the Richmond Auto Mall
  • Celestial Consulting Group Corp.
    Credit services firm located in the eastern part of Richmond

Free consultation

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