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Service businesses are vital parts of the Canadian economy. Here in Vancouver, service businesses contribute $25+ billion to the city’s annual economy.

There are buyers interested in purchasing established service businesses, as well as franchises, and Jason Brice has the market knowledge required to sell your business.

Industry Overview

Service businesses are significant drivers in Canada’s economy. The service sector contributed approximately $100 billion to the Canadian economy in 2022.

Service businesses are influenced by several different factors, including:

  • The value of a country’s dollar: When a country’s dollar is weak compared to another country’s, outsourced service is encouraged.
  • The amount of disposable income citizens and companies have: When citizens have higher disposable income, they are more likely to spend on services.
  • Government regulations: Actions taken by a government may encourage or discourage spending and provide tax rebates or tax penalties for certain activities.

Currently, service businesses in Canada are well-positioned to attract prospective buyers. Businesses in this sector have started to make up ground and increase since the end of the pandemic, and buyers are interested in purchasing well-established businesses with a good reputation—especially those offering unique services to a region.

Why Work With an Experienced Business Broker?

Knowledge of the Service Industries

Jason Brice has almost two decades of experience as a business broker; he’s sold dozens of  B2B and B2C service businesses. Thanks to his work with a wide variety of players in the industry, he has unparalleled insight into industry trends, negotiation strategies, and financing. Working with him, you can sell your business for more, with the terms and structure that most benefit you.

Extensive Network of Potential Buyers

Jason Brice has an extensive network of prospective buyers through his past dealings in the service industries.

Selling to a network of buyers that Jason has dealt with before comes with many advantages; Jason will have a better idea of the types of financing they can secure, their own business dealings, and other factors that could affect the deal.

The process of selling to an existing network also makes anonymizing the deal easier, smoothing negotiations, and speeding up the overall selling process. Jason Brice can help connect you to a qualified buyer.

Negotiations and Structuring the Deal

The structure of a deal has important consequences for everything from the sales price to tax liability. Negotiations also play an important role—they can determine how much you get for your service business, how quickly it sells, how long you have to stay on at the business, and several other elements of the deal.

Using his years of experience in the industry, Jason Brice will negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal for your business.

Contact Jason Brice To Sell Your Service Business Today

Jason Brice can help you sell your service business for more. Selling a business can be daunting—there are a lot of decisions to be made, many nuances that need to be understood, and accountants, lawyers, and other parties that need to be coordinated.

Our brokerage can help you with all of the above. We’ll help you understand how financing can impact the deal, what today’s service industry market trends are, and more. Jason offers a free consultation—these consultations may be a single call or several phone calls. From there, he’ll help you determine the listing price of your business, find prospective buyers, and close the deal.

Thinking of retiring or moving on to a new line of business? Call Jason Brice for a free consultation today.