Business Broker in Surrey / Delta

There’s no better place to own a business than Surrey, BC

This city has grown rapidly in recent years, and it’s expected to keep booming. If you’re ready to put your business up for sale, you’ll find no shortage of buyers in Surrey, British Columbia. The question is, how do you find the right buyer? Answer: By working with the right business broker.

When you work with Jason Brice, the first things you’ll notice are his honesty and dedication. It doesn’t matter whether your business in Surrey, BC is worth $500K or $5 million—he will treat your listing with the same attention to detail.

The Process of Selling a Business in Surrey

Want to list your business for sale in Surrey, BC? Working with a broker is your best bet to finding the right buyer. Here’s why:


After your consultation call, you’ll need to provide a few financial details. Then, Jason Brice can determine a range of what your business will be worth. If you decide to move forward with the process, you’ll get a more specific valuation based on a multitude of factors including revenue trends, profitability ratios, customer concentration, employee longevity, industry forecast and more.


Before you list your business for sale, it will go through a thorough pre-financing process. This involves a Confidential Information Memorandum (“CIM”) that provides operational and financial information for banks and lenders in Surrey, BC. This crucial step helps prevent financing issues later in the process.


At this stage, the focus is on advertising your business to the right buyers while maintaining confidentiality. Jason Brice will market your business in Surrey, BC to his pool of buyers, through reputable websites, and to other business brokers.


The thought of negotiating a deal might give you a headache, but that won’t be the case with Jason Brice. He handles each aspect of the deal to the fullest extent, from preparing a thorough Letter of Intent (“LOI”) through the entire due diligence process, including definitive Purchase Agreement. This stage usually takes 45-60 days.


The last thing that business owners want is for the deal to fall apart during the closing process. That’s why Jason Brice offers this service. He’ll be there to advise you on how to manage these procedures based on his years of experience in British Columbia.

Why should you work with a business broker in Surrey, BC?

Thinking about listing your business for sale on a website on your own? You might want to reconsider. Working with a business broker has a few key advantages:

Proper valuation

For many business owners in Surrey, BC, their company is their life’s work. They want to make sure that it’s appraised for what it’s worth—not pawned off to the lowest bidder. Jason Brice will provide a valuation of your business that’s fair, accurate, and likely to sell.

Negotiation assistance

Many deals fall through at the negotiation stage. Thanks to Jason Brice’s careful management and dedication, no aspect of the deal will be overlooked. Your negotiations will be thoroughly overseen by Jason so that no aspect of the Purchase Agreement is unclear to you.

A much larger pool of buyers

Part of any deal is finding the right buyer. Jason Brice has an extensive database of buyers looking to acquire a business in Surrey, BC.

Avoid typical deal pitfalls

When do things in life ever go according to plan? To deal with unexpected problems that pop up, you’ll need to work with a sell-side business broker in Surrey, BC.  Jason will help you navigate these problems as they arise, while ensuring the deal does not come unravelled.

Lender relationships

For any financial issues that arise, Jason Brice has connections with lenders to secure funding. That’s something you won’t have access to on a marketing website. Jason has extensive experience with the Business Development Bank of Canada (“BDC”) as well as with all the major charter banks and lending institutions in BC.

Jason Brice has experience in every industry. He specializes in service, transportation, construction, education, wholesale, and manufacturing companies.

Businesses sold in Surrey, BC

Jason Brice has sold over 100 businesses. Here are just a few successful sales that he’s made in Surrey, BC:

  • Boulevard Signs Ltd.
    This sign manufacturing franchise was sold on schedule and within the valuation range. It was in business for over 20 years with 6 full-time employees.
  • TDH Enterprises Ltd.
    This metal fabrication company in Surrey, BC was sold near asking price in the timeframe promised.
  • Skillsource Education Ltd.
    This education franchise with 4 locations in Surrey, BC was sold quickly for top dollar.

Call today

If you’re looking for a business broker in Surrey, BC, contact Jason Brice. Your consultation call will be completely free. Once you list your business for sale, he’ll be available both evenings and weekends whenever you have a question or concern.