Business Broker in the Tri-Cities

Thinking about selling your business in the Tri-Cities?

Working with the right business broker will help you sell your business in British Columbia for what it is worth. The bustling cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody are a hotspot for businesses. If you want to target buyers in these cities, you’ll need help from a business broker like Jason Brice.

The Process

How can a business broker help you find the best buyer for your company? Here’s the process that Jason Brice uses, which has helped him sell over 100 businesses.


How much is your business worth? It’s best to get an outside appraisal rather than deciding on the value yourself—it can be tough to separate the emotional ties to our business from its monetary value. Jason will not only create an accurate valuation, but he will thoroughly explain the entire valuation process and all the complexities that go into a proper valuation.


Not every business broker takes the time to secure pre-financing for your business before it’s marketed. But this essential step will prevent deals from falling through due to financing problems.


It’s time to get the word out that your business is for sale—all while retaining confidentiality. Marketing your business with a diverse strategy will help you find the right buyer at the right time.  Jason will market your business to his existing pool of buyers, and will discretely advertise your business to a large pool of prospective buyers who are looking at business opportunities in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody.


During this stage of the process, it’s imperative not to overlook a single detail or term in the Purchase Agreement. From preparing a Letter of Intent to the closing legal documentation, Jason Brice will work tirelessly to ensure your deal goes through as planned, right until the definitive agreement is effective.


Part of selling your business is creating an exit and training strategy. It’s important to agree on these terms during the closing of the transaction. Jason Brice will manage the entire closing process, including legal consummation of the transaction, to ensure nothing falls through at the very end. Jason Brice offers both closing and post-closing services to ensure a smooth transition.

The Advantages

Is commissioning a business broker worth your money? You might be tempted to list it for sale on a website yourself. However, you may be underestimating the amount of work that goes into selling a business. The best way to get a proper valuation of your company is by working with an experienced business broker. A business that isn’t priced according to its value won’t be as appealing to buyers, which makes it a harder sell. During the negotiation phase, a deal can fall through if one term is miscommunicated. Jason Brice will work with you closely during negotiations to ensure that your terms are met.  Given Jason’s extensive experience in the industry, he has access to a larger pool of buyers than one website will. Thanks to his relationships with various lenders, he can help get deals funded.

When you’re working with a side-sell broker, you can avoid the typical pitfalls that can cost you a great deal.

Past sales in the Tri-Cities area

You need a business broker that’s well-versed and qualified. Jason Brice has experience in every industry. He’s sold several businesses in the Tri-Cities area, including:

  • Mansfield & Brown Inc.
    A plumbing supplies company located near Barnet Highway in Coquitlam sold within 5% of the asking price.
  • Skillsource Education Ltd.
    This education franchise with multiple Lower Mainland locations, including Coquitlam, was sold quickly for top dollar.
  • 0880654 B.C. LTD. d.b.a. OXFORD
    This children’s education center sale in Coquitlam went smoothly with Jason Brice as the business broker.

Jason Brice specializes in transportation, construction, education, wholesale, manufacturing, and service industries.  He has experience in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody.

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