After the initial consultation call, you may be interested in exploring the next steps. Obviously the sale price of your business will be the single most important item in determining whether you wish to proceed or not. As such, if I feel your business is one which matches the criteria of my pool of buyers, then I will prepare an initial high-level valuation for you at no charge. This initial valuation will simply give you a high-low range of what your business will likely trade for. I will only need a limited amount of financial information to complete this initial valuation, and there will be several assumptions made, based on our phone call. If at that point you wish to proceed towards a listing agreement with me, then I will immediately commence on a much more detailed and specific valuation. Obviously there are a number of factors which can affect the valuation once we have it listed for sale (eg. a significant drop in revenue, loss of a key employee, change in government regulation, etc.) so I will educate you along the valuation process as to what factors will be relevant during the sale of your specific business.